Advantech PCM-3370 F complete system with linux PC104 pc104+ industrial pc - IN STOCK

Artikelnummer/Article number: 1053100
Marke/Brand: advantech
Type: industrial computer
Zustand/Condition: new (see details)
Artikel/Article: Advantech PCM-3370 F complete system with linux PC104 pc104+ industrial pc
Preis mit Mwst./Price with VAT: 323.20 Euro (pro Stück / a piece)
Preis ohne Mwst./Price without VAT: 271.60 Euro (pro Stück / a piece)
Anzahl verfügbar/Amount available: 1 Stück/Piece
I am selling a new Advantech PCM-3370F (rev:A1) (PCM-3370f-j0a1e) Celeron 400Mhz ULV + 128MB RAM single board computer with power supply and TinyCore/CorePlus 14 Linux as a complete and working system.

The complete system is a combination of:
A) Advantech PCM-3370F (rev:A1) (PCM-3370f-j0a1e) Celeron with 400Mhz ULV - (new old stock)
B) 128MB RAM Module Kingston KVR133X64CS3/128 - (new)
C) Fujitsu Siemens Power Supply 230 Watt - (new)
D) A 512MB CompactFlash Card with a bootable and working, full installation of TinyCore/CorePlus 14 Linux - (new)

A,B,C & D were put together and tested and all is in perfect working order.

The system WILL BE SHIPPED CONNECTED as shown in the first and second picture.

The BIOS-battery was replaced recently by a brand new one in order to prevent delivery of a system with an empty BIOS-battery.

IMPORTANT: In order to use the system as configured and delivered the user/buyer him/herself should provide:
1) VGA monitor (NOT INCLUDED)
2) PS2-keyboard (NOT INCLUDED) (Please use a real PS2 keyboard - USB will probably not work on the PS2 keyboard connection)
3) PS2-mouse (NOT INCLUDED) (Please use a real PS2 mouse - USB will not work on the PS2 mouse port)

For exact scope of delivery see the pictures.


Advantech PCM-3370F Features:
- ULV Intel® Celeron® 400 Fanless
- Chipset: VIA VT8606/TwisterT and /VT82C686B
- VGA/LCD controller with optimized Shared Memory Architecture (SMA)
- 4x AGP VGA/LCD & LCD controller up to 1024 x 768
- +5 V and +12 V power supported.
- 10/100 Mbps PCI Ethernet interface, supports wake-on-LAN
- COM2 (5 V) supports power line connected on Pin 9
- PC/104 and PC/104+ expansion connector
- Socket for CompactFlash Card (CFC) Type I Supported
- 1.6 sec – interval Watchdog timer
- 1 SODIMM Socket supports up to 512 MB SDRAM
- Board size 96 mm x 115 mm

Advantech PCM-3370F Packing List
- 1 PCM-3370 All-in-one single board computer
- 1 Start-up manual
- CDROM for utility, drivers and manual (in PDF format)
- 1 2.5" IDE flat cable, 44-pin to 44 pin (product no. 1701440350)
- 1 PS/2 keyboard & mouse cable (product no. 1700060202)
- 1 Y-cable external cable (product no. 1703060053)
- 1 parallel cable (product no. 1700260250)
- 1 VGA cable (product no. 1701160150)
- 1 LAN cable (product no. 1701100202)
- ATX power cable (product no. 1703200380)

Advantech PCM-3370F Specifications
-CPU: Embedded Intel® Celeron® 400 ULV processor Fanless
-BIOS: AWARD 256 KB Flash memory
-System memory: One 144-pin SODIMM socket accepts up to 512 MB SDRAM
-Enhanced IDE interface: Supports up to two EIDE device. BIOS auto-detect, PIO Mode 3 or Mode 4 transfer, Ultra DMA33 mode supported
-Serial ports: One serial RS-232 port, one serial RS-232/422/485 port
-Parallel port: One parallel port, supports SPP/EPP/ECP mode
-Infrared port: Shared with COM 2. Transfer rate up to 1.15 Mbps
-Keyboard/mouse connector: Mini-DIN connector supports standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse
-USB interface: Two USB ports, USB 1.1 compliant
-Power management: Supports power saving modes including Normal/Standby/Suspend. APM 1.1 compliant
-Watchdog timer: 1.6 sec. intervals generate system reset or IRQ11

Advantech PCM-3370F Local-bus Flat Panel/VGA Interface
-Chipset: VIA VT8606
-Interface: PCI interface, 64 bit engine. Support for 9,12,15,18,24,36bit-TFT and optional 16 or 24-bit DSTN panel
-LVDS: Supports 2 Channel (2x18bit) LVDS interface

Advantech PCM-3370F Ethernet interface
-Chipset: Realtek RTL8139D
-Ethernet interface: PCI 10/100 Mbps Ethernet. IEEE 802.3U protocol compatible
-Connection: On-board 2 x 5 2.0 mm connector
-Built-in boot ROM (optional)